Bali: A Photo Diary




April 10, 2020


This trip was not what I expected, but it was everything I needed and more.

I’m so grateful to have experienced the gem that is Bali and its people with eighteen of the most beautiful, hilarious, kind, inspiring, fun, and expansive humans. The eight days of yoga, meditation, dance, pilates, boxing, surfing, beach hopping, more yoga, sunset dinners, $15 massages, praying, setting intentions in temples, spotting monkeys, cold plunges that made us high, and eating endless amounts of banana bread and coconut water were irreplaceable.

Thank you times a million to my loves Alexis Fischer and Chelsea File, and the insanely thoughtful Yoga Searcher Bali staff, for creating a retreat that took us out of our day to day, and gave us moments to be truly present – a practice in itself. It’s amazing what a lot less phone time, walking around barefoot, and hanging with a new crew of people can do.

If you ever get a chance to go to Bali, you have no choice but to GO! Trust me, no is not an answer.

Yoga Searcher Bali Uluwatu Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Uluwatu Beach Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Ubud Temples Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Ubud Temples Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Template UbudBali Temple Ubud Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Ubud Monkey Sanctuary Chloe Leonard StudioAustralian Wine Bali Chloe Leonard

Bali Uluwatu Single Fin Chloe Leonard StudioBali Boutique The Find Uluwatu Chloe Leonard Studio

Single Fin Club Uluwatu Bali

Bali Uluwatu Beach Chloe Leonard Studio

Bali Uluwatu Beach Chloe Leonard Studio



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